Let’s Play Bubbles with Kapten Buehbossa! (Online Streaming)

Faris Buehbossa

Mark the date and time!!!

Tomorrow, I will participate in an online streaming for Move for Unity Festival, a virtual event in conjunction with World Refugee Day

There will a lot of amazing streams that will be aired from 9am to 10.30pm, suitable for all ages. And my slot will be at 2.34pm 

I will be playing the tank drum as well as BUBBLES! This is the time for you to see me making bubble sculptures up close as I’ve set 3 camera angles to show you the beauty of bubbles!

Don’t forget to put it on a big screen and a good speaker, I’m sure you will love the visuals and the soothing sound of a tank drum 

Here is the detail of the event:

Date: 20 June 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 2.34pm GMT +8 (Let’s Play Bubbles with Kapten Buehbossa)
Location: Worldwide and beyond the universe
Stream URL: http://facebook.com/ideasacademy

It would be much appreciated if you can support the donation drive to help the education of refugee children in Malaysia. You may kindly support via this fundraising campaign link:


We are aiming the event to be watched by as many audience as possible. Kindly share and spread the love!

Best of bubbles,
Faris Nasir
Kapten Buehbossa

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