About Me

Whenever people ask me about my background, I always have to pause and ponder which part of my life I should tell them about. I moved around so much since I was a kid and did so many stuffs throughout my life.

I’m wearing many hats. I was educated in accountancy, but after graduating my friends and I started a small agricultural farm planting jackfruit trees. Meanwhile, I thought myself web design and development, print design and computer maintenance to sustain myself and the start-up business by doing small time jobs. Apart of that, I’m also doing book keeping for my family business. After a few years doing the farm, in 2010 I started doing soap bubble art as a therapy and hobby.

Eventually, it became my profession as a soap bubble artist, that’s what most people know me as, Kapten Buehbossa. I started doing digital arts in 2017 as another past time.

I’ve been in love with art since I was a kid, but time and constraints put me in different path in different stages of my life.

I have a lot of hobbies, I play guitar, make music, spin poi, among other things. And this allowed me to meet many amazing people and that changed my life perspective.

I made this website after I decided to limit myself from using Facebook and Instagram (it’s consuming a lot of my time) and to systematically journal my life and projects.