After years of playing and working with bubbles, I realized I’ve never had enough looking at the beauty of their shape and colors.

From big bubbles to small bubbles, they are full of wonders.

I thought to myself, “Why are they beautiful?”

Is it because they are perfectly round, or is it because of its iridescence?

Then I learned that they are a kind of fractal, repeating patterns that can be found easily in nature. The pattern on leaves, the shapes of honeycombs, the patterns of river networks, the spirals in flowers and plants and many more.

Psychologically, we tend to find beauty in anything with symmetry. Facial symmetry has been found to increase ratings of attractiveness in human faces. Not to say that asymmetry isn’t attractive, it’s just our human brains are wired to like anything with a recognizable pattern. 

Symmetry is the simplest of form of fractals. And that’s also why we see nature’s a beauty, I think.

“Symmetry – Balance”


I started to play around with keleidoscopic effects on bubble photos I took. It’s just 2D effects manipulation, but it can produce mesmerizing visuals.

And I thought maybe there’re 3D fractals. After reading more about it, I found a few softwares that can render 3D fractals, and eventually I became addicted with Mandelbulber.

Going deeper into 3D fractals, it became entirely another branch of my interest.

Thus, Vuevossa Visuals was born.