My second physical exhibition, turned into a virtual exhibition.

‘Unity’ by Filamen invites visual and sound artists to take a look closer at the
effects of the worldwide pandemic; seeing Coronavirus as a factor of

I was shortlisted among 19 other visual artists for the projection mapping exhibition. It supposedly to go live somewhere towards the end of 2020, but due to the pandemic it was postponed to February 2021, then postponed again until now. The team decided to push the exhibition online. I had planned to perform bubbles, fire & dragon ribbon in front of the sculpture, but oh well.


As an artist, Faris has always been amused and inspired by the different times of the day and the ever-changing colours of the sky. To him, these different moments evoke different feelings, and this is something that he would like to capture through this particular work. The day and night as well as the dusk and dawn, can be seen through this work, especially through the colour that it adopts. Different elements that are present in his work, signifies different times; the morning symbolised by bubbles, the dusk by dragon ribbon, and the night by fire.

His practise involves moving 3D fractals, repeating patterns in different scales. When he rotates a 3D object in 4D according to 6 iterations, he notices that it would form shapes that we can find in nature. This relates to the concept of sacred geometry, which is now the main inspiration behind his work. He believes that as human beings, we are as well strongly connected with nature. Therefore, the reason why we perceive something as beautiful, such as an artwork, is because we have the instinct to seek for patterns that we feel safe looking at. Subconsciously, the patterns that are embedded in nature are the ones that make us feel safe. Thus, when it is replicated or re-adapted into visuals, we would appreciate its beauty.

The exhibition will run from 7th June – 4th July 2021

Check out the virtual exhibition here [LINK}